CSU Photography is a cost-recovery unit within the Department of Communications and Creative Services. Our goal is to provide Colorado State University with high quality images at a reasonable and affordable price. We strive to work with every client to meet project needs within the client’s budget. We strongly encourage you to contact us with your specific project goals so we can tailor the assignment to your budget.

CSU Media Library

Terms of Use

All photos are the property of the CSU Photography, Department of Creative Services, Colorado State University and copyrighted as such. Photographs may only be used to promote Colorado State University programs and activities. Without specific permission photos may not be used or altered to depict the subject of a photo in a negative light, or subject person(s) to ridicule, or be used to illustrate topics of sexual issues, substance abuse, physical or mental abuse, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, AIDS, cancer, or serious physical or mental ailments, or the disparagement of a person or product.

Commissioned Photography Pricing and Stock Photography Use Fees

  • Photography commissioned for a client’s department, college or division is provided to that client for their continued use. No Use Fees will be assessed when that department, college or division reuses commissioned photography. Photography labor and postproduction fees will apply. Because only a percentage of actual photography production costs are recovered, resulting photographs will be made available as stock photography to the CSU community.
  • Photography use fees will be assessed for the use of photographs not commissioned by your department, college or division. Please note that in some cases photographs depicting your department’s activities, professors, students and research may be included in some photographs, it cannot be assumed that your department, college or division commissioned the photography and as such use fees will apply.

To commission a photography assignment or license a photographic stock image Contact CSU Photography or your college or division coordinator.

Editorial Media

CSU Photography supplies photographs of campus activities to off-campus editorial media doing stories on Colorado State University at no charge. Contact CSU Photography of Public Relations.